8/31 8-11pm Opening Party for Lavialle Campbell’s “Stacked”

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LAKE BALBOA | Sangria is pleased to present “Stacked” a solo exhibition of Lavialle Campbell’s most recent quilts and glassware in the micro-gallery. Lavialle Campbell studied extensively at UCLA, Otis Parsons, Santa Monica College of Design, Art and Architecture in Southern California.Campbell’s artworks are a dialogue of materials, fiber versus glass, in their sameness and differences, “mirroring” and “translating” organic matter – like sand and paint. The artist practices painstaking craftsmanship exploring surface textures of the smooth fused glass and the soft commercial fabrics, cotton and wool batting’s, wool roving and wool felt, expressing balance and harmony. The contradiction, contrast, and the opposition of themes, colors, and forms are reminiscent of Mid Century Modern with its simplicity and integration of nature.

In “Stacked” Campbell rhythmically positions elegant reds and soft greys, black and white though stitching, beading, and fusing. Shapes in quilts are playfully stacked like abstract bars, post and beams. Campbell is a prolific artist and blogs at “Creative Sister” where she talks openly about her creative process and projects. The artist is a native of Los Angeles and is inspired by African American female artists such as Samella Lewis, Adrian Piper, Pat Ward Williams, Bettye and Allison Saar and Carrie Mae Weems. Campbell’s mentors were Roland Young, George Herms, Deborah Sussman, Diane Buckler, Peter Alexander, and Laddie Dill. In the artist’s words at “Creative Sister”: “Art is my world. I’m a ‘maker,’ be it quilts, ceramics, jewelry, embroidery, knitting, etc. I love beads with a passion and am compulsive about organizing them. Most of my friends are artists and I hang their art everywhere in my house which is now functioning as a studio. Who needs sleep — there are things to make!!” Enjoy images that will be streamed in the newsfeed here on FB as well as posted at the Sangria blog thru to the opening night. RSVP | Opening party: Saturday, August 31, 2012 from 8pm to 11pm | Bring a bottle of wine, or non-alcoholic beverages. RSVP | Closing party: Saturday, September 18th from 1pm to 4pm. | Bring an appetizer, snacks, or dessert.

BOOK APPOINTMENT | To see exhibition on weekend afternoons, make a reservation via email sangriafinearts@gmail.com


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