Summer, Summer, Summer! At VillaBerta.

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Oh o it’s magic.

It’s like a merry-go-round.

Everybody loves Summer Janelle. Delightful works by the Claremont Grad show playfully abstract rainbows, red tarts, and lacey arcs.  This piece below is in the collection of Charity Burnett and Cisco Rodriguez. 

All images copyrighted 2012.

SUMMER JANELLE irrigates or sprays delicate acrylic paint on digital prints of wind blown ornamental grass or sparkling fresh water. Colors and lacy textures induce the viewer into a pensive relaxed state. The Claremont Grad says…

“My work derives from the inner sensations we encounter with human interaction on a daily basis. I am fascinated with the invisible everyday occurrences and I bring them to life. I am making the invisible, visible.”

The artist will be showing at Sangria Fine Arts in the fall. Summer Janelle studied Healing & Creativity at Chapman University, earned a BA from UC Riverside, and has a MFA from Claremont Graduate University.

Summer has contributed paintings for “The Pleasure Principle” an exhibition at VillaBerta which runs thru July 15th. Works are untitled, 8″ x 8.” Summer’s asking price is $400-350 for each in “The Pleasure Principle” show. take a look at the artists recent paintings in this slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Press Release excerpt: The Pleasure Principle at VillaBerta

STUDIO CITY, CA – The VillaBerta Gallery is pleased to announce a group show of seven Los Angeles painters in “The Pleasure Principle” at a beautiful residential space, curated by Charity Burnett. Hosted by Clara Berta. Contact the curator for location and to see the art.


Between sensual indulgence and tranquility, these process painters explore associative play and the limits of desire. They express thirst-quenching colors, ‘cravable’ textures, fantasized gratification, soothing ambient moods, and healing or therapeutic transcendence. Works on view in “The Pleasure Principle” have aesthetics of tactility that simulate a physical quality. Creative processes allow for chance or serendipity. As westernized culture puts increasing importance on leisure and recreation, over-stimulation, even addiction – arouses the primitive brain’s pleasure circuitry meant for survival. A host of curatorial projects could emerge from this subject. The resurgence of an intuitive process in painting is a result of artists reacting to their data driven and analytic culture, becoming a phenomenon coinciding with the Digital Age. These artists have come to abstract painting as innovative collaborators to the mid century moderns. Several of these painters create a hybrid of cultural aesthetics from polarized genres while also being true to their times. -Curator’s Statement, by Charity Burnett


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