Art As Distinctive As You.

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Art is much more than decoration. It is a sweet symbol of the desire for cultural expression. The work should be distinctive as you, the collector. A talented consultant will help develop ideas, finding inspiration that fits your style. Few decisions are as delightful as selecting art that will go in your home.

What would be better than color splashes and sensual indulgences? Or waking up to silky darks and crisp whites.

Explore exotic materials with effects or subjects with dreamy associations. What about ditching those corporate greys for some office glam? Make a statement by considering strength in repetition by bringing in a series of works. A hallway or niche can be made to feel like an additional room, with the right art.

Gorgeous art maximizes spaces and can save you costly remodeling projects in the long run.

Discover contemporary aesthetics that are seductive, even edgy. Think about classic retro design elements, complimentary or contrasting. The more familiar you are with what makes contemporary art different in subject or innovation, the better you can express what you envision. If you find something that strikes your fancy, ask yourself is the style of arrangement symmetrical, asymmetrical, horizontal, or a vertical. As you sharpen your preferences, think about how the art will look in your home.

To get a sense of what you like visually, book an appointment with an independent consultant. Downloadable brochures and links to art here at this blog and on Pinterst will be available soon. | Email

Three ongoing exhibitions. Send an email to arrange a tour with the Curator, Charity Burnett

The Four Seasons of Flora and Spice at The Loft at Lizs thru Saturday, June 23d

The Pleasure Principle at VillaBerta thru Saturday, July 15th

Limitless Light at Sangria thru Saturday, June 30th

Carmen and Getty PST artist Simone Gad share the gallery bench at Sangria. Photo courtesy of Eric Minh Swenson. Copyright 2012.


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