Phenomenal Homes Have Great Art. It’s a Buyers Market.

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Select the perfect amenities for your dream home now. You can bring together delicate accents of silky neutrals or color splashes with innovative focus pieces. 

What to Budget For
Ask ultra wealthy investment realtors Tamara Ecclestone and Petra Stunt about art and they may tell you, phenomenal homes have great art. Work with an up-n-coming curator involved with client relations, so you can acquire exquisite art for your properties. Prices range from just a $100 to as much as $20,000.

What Influences Prices
Who makes the art and their exhibition history will influence the asking prices. A small scale art work perhaps, from an emergent artist will be relatively inexpensive. It is a buyers market, so this is a great time to buy art by mid-career artists. Works by active emergent to mid-career artists have plenty of time to appreciate in value. Complexity, size of art, all add up to increase in cost. Labor intensive and time consuming ‘crafted flourishes’ may also factor into the price. It is possible to acquire a beautiful starter collection between $2,000 and $10,000.

Ways to Save
Instead of one towering work of art, you can go for medium scale, with even small accent pieces. Commissioning a work, will also make it more memorable: if a consultant has a good relationship with the artist, maybe the artist can be convinced to work on commission. Or go with a work on paper by a major artist. Also acquiring an envious private art collection is done over a lifetime. Not like buying a Ferrari or Lotus every ten years.

Gateway to Collecting
Art fairs with galleries as vendors are a fun way to shop if you don’t know what you are looking for. There you can see lots of art very quickly. Art collectors like you get to tour the art fairs with a Sangria consultant for a reasonable fee. The consultant will act as a market maven, and negotiate for reasonable prices. Read more about “Gateway to Collecting” by following link on menu at top of page.

Ask about this wonderful service by sending an email to .

Ongoing Exhibitions

The Four Seasons of Flora and Spice at The Loft at Lizs thru Saturday, June 23d

The Pleasure Principle at VillaBerta thru Saturday, July 15th

Limitless Light at Sangria thru Saturday, June 30th


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