Studio Tours and Lunch: Highlights from ArtMinute Press

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In the Studio with Chris Trueman

In April, on a rainy morning, Sangria painters and friends were able to tour Chris Trueman’s warehouse studio and talk shop about his work. Artist Deborah Sevett was reminded of the Japanese art of Origami – and I of prismatic reflective road signs in an Apocalypse.

After the tour in the studio, we warmed up with a hot lunch and shared some laughs at a local Mexican restaurant where Trueman and his artist friends hang. Chris Trueman is a recent alum of Claremont Graduate University. Ace Gallery artist John Millei was one of his mentors. The artist approaches painting as an innovative collaborator to Op Art of the ’60s and the Abstract Expressionism of the ’50s in a shimmering display of shards and folds […]

Studio Notes: Art Tour in a Perfect Setting with Sharon Weiner

15 LA artists and friends got together on a Saturday, March 10, near Culver City to tour the urban studio of Sharon Weiner, a Ruth Bachofner Gallery artist. Once we got passed the gated lot and entered the facility, it was evident that Sharon is a prolific artist. A curator’s and collector’s dream come true! Acrylic resin paintings lined the white cement walls with smart shelving systems that housed smaller scale works in a secure fashion. In attendance were all female guests: Oriana Small, Leigh Salgado, Jane Park Wells, Ruth Trotter, Julie Scott, Anita Ray, Maria Bjorkdahl, Denise Kraemer, Sharon Suhovy, Stevie Love, Lillian Abel, Charity Burnett, and Deborah Sevett […]

Studio Notes: Stevie Love, Art, and Meringue Pies in the High Desert

Stevie Love sets the bar high in the high desert. This innovative artist, a Claremont Graduate University alum, hosted the first Sangria Studio Tour. On a Saturday in February, Love opened her studio to artists, actors, curators, and collectors. She shared her creative paradise, her studio, in an adobe home that the Love family built themselves. It was the first […]

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