“Limitless Light” at Sangria: SAT, May 26th

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This next Sangria event is the debut of “Limitless Light,” the duo of Long Beach artists Juan Sanchez Diaz and Leah C. Dixon. The Limitless Light at Sangria showcases a diversity of creative output including drawing, painting, digital art, makeup, costume, photography and tableaux installation. Solo shows and collaborative works will be on display. Rumor has it that there will be an opera singer, an astrologer, a dominatrix, and someone to play bowls. It’s a circus for the soul.

Live newsfeed of the day’s events through twitter “sangria curator.”


Limitless Light has been invited to our private venue for two solo shows plus one night only of continuous performance art at Sangria in May 26th, 2012 from 6pm to 10pm. Location sent via email to attendees.

RSVP required

Must RSVP with first and last name via sangria fine arts @gmail.com | Crew at security gate may ask guests for I.D. | Cocktail attire suggested.

Bring a new bottle of wine for admittance (or non-alcoholic beverages); bring a friend and good vibes for the kickoff of summer. Residential parking in quiet neighborhood. Entrance at security gate.

No smoking at any of these events. Beverages allowed outside and not in the gallery. Thank you.


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Leah C. Dixon:
My artistic investigations are frequently concerned with the blending of opposites: old and new, spiritual and temporal, high art and low culture. I am fascinated with the play of organic versus inorganic, order versus chaos, and the multifarious tapestry of human experience. My collaborative work with Juan is currently the furthest evolved example of that, as we blend disparate imagery together into an image environment and cultivate a heightened awareness, both within themselves as artists, and in our viewers as they interact with our art creations. Our aesthetic is both fluid and multifarious and our art-making skills are very complementary. Juan’s ability with costume, makeup, calligraphy, painting, and installation blend nicely with my abilities in photography, color theming, symbolism, and 2-D composition. Together we effortlessly and excitedly create rich and multilayered images that confound, delight, and excite the viewer. All of our creative skills get used: Traditional art pieces like paintings and photographs become elements in larger scale photo tableaux, which are often in turn the setting for a live model with full costume and makeup.

Juan Sanchez Diaz:
In the past five years, the work I do has metamorphosed in so many different pathways, between oil painting, graphic design, fashion, installation, makeup artistry, and photo prep. As a student I chose Anthropology over art, to leave the institution in general. My response to my growth as an anthropologist returned me to my artistic pursuits, where I have challenged myself in new territory. After 20 years of training and practice in painting, now I mostly use a brush to apply makeup to human canvas. My work is completely ephemeral and is captured via documentation. Between the found object ceremonial installations and the models who bring the characters of human cosmology to life, this work is telling a compelling perspective of the beauty and distraction of life.


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