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Beautiful Pop Music 

It’s been many years since a kick-ass rock song has been heard across the pop landscape that is modern radio. With few exceptions, the vast majority of modern pop music has been dumbed down into small digestible confections that melt in your ears like cotton candy at the county fair. I won’t argue that they are tasty disposable treats that infect your brain with their massive hooks and catchy melodies. But many times you are left with the sugar crash and no nutritional value for your head or your heart. That is why I was floored when I first heard the song “Beauty Fool” by the band Otto’s Daughter.

This independent rock duo, has made a record that is both tasty and has plenty of meat to it. From the opening whispers of “Beautiful Eyes, Beautiful Lies” to the guitar assault that follows, to the lovely breakdown of the bridge, “Beauty Fool” delivers not only hooks but a fantastic arrangement where every section dovetails seamlessly into the next. It is a rock song disguised as a pop song which is the neat trick that bands like U2, Nirvana, Radiohead, and many before them have used to perfection.

The lyrics of the song speak to our obsession with the vain and the superficial. We all have the desire to be with those beautiful, glamorous, people that fill our magazines, televisions, and computer screens. How else can you explain the rise of the Kardashians, the exploits of those “Housewives”, and the oversexed train wreck that is “The Jersey Shore”.

Jacqueline, the German pink-haired bombshell singer of OD, is torn when she sings of these desires even as she acknowledges her own obsession. And that is the perfect tension that makes lines like; “Such a Beauty Fool…heavenly obscene” and “Beauty blinds the brightest stars, Beauty Fools are what we are”, hit home with the kind of force a Kurt Cobain line would deliver.

This is the kind of single that deserves to be on pop and rock radio. Give me Bruno Mars with his gorgeous melodies, give me Foster The People with a Columbine era dance song, and give me Otto’s Daughter with their pop infected rock of “Beauty Fool”.


Listen to “Otto’s Daughter” newly released Single: Beauty Fool on YouTube

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