Spotlight on Painter, Alex Schaefer: “Terrorist or Accidental Hero?”

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Plein Air “Sensualist” Artist in the News for “Painting Burning Banks!”

Alex Schaefer paints the city streets of Los Angeles, mini malls, Tommy Burgers, Griffith Park, The Hive girls and porn actresses, hotel rooms, and outdoor concerts. Recently Alex has been painting fantasy riot scenes at New York Stock Exchange and painting burning Chase Banks which has garnered a swarm of attention from press, bloggers, as well as law enforcement. LA Times, Chase Bank, Death and Taxes, Alex Jones Radio Show, Russia Today, ArtInfo Magazine, Huffington Post, FBI, and Homeland Security are checking out Alex’s art!

Watch the Alex Jones Interview with Alex Schaefer

Right along with his eloquent peaceful  ‘protest’ video on YouTube you find videos of Alex sharing his painting techniques. Alex wants us to “get over our apathy”…to let the regulators, economists, bankers know “that we recognize the problems.” And that the federal bank is made up of “monsters and racketeers.” Get to know this bright, funny man, who is out there protesting the state of the economy all by himself.

See bid on “Chase Burning” at Ebay, prices topped 25K

Want to own a Alex Schaefer painting? Make bid on painting of “Bank of America Burning,” prices are climbing now

Alex attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Graduating in 1992 with an education emphasizing drawing and painting from life. Alex worked nine years as an artist in the video game industry for Disney and Insomniac Games doing 2-D texture mapping, lighting, 3-D modeling, etc., always reserving time each day drawing and painting for himself.  Ten years ago Alex devoted himself to painting full-time and began teaching at Cal State University, Los Angeles. Now Alex teaches at his alma matter Art Center College of Design, having taken over Richard Bunkall’s class. He has shown at Pasadena Museum of California Art six times, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Robert Berman Gallery at Bergamot, Art Share Los Angeles, with several solo shows. The artist has had reviews in ArtWeek and Citizen LA Downtown Arts Magazine. Most recently, an interview with Alex Jones of Info Wars September 2, 2011. Podcast available at link below. Currently he hosts a The Alex Schaefer Hour for CoaguLA Internet radio. The weekly show is very entertaining, and broadcast from the Hive Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Impressionist plein air painter’s work remains within the realm of representation in a modern world. It is based on being a witness to life, but they walk a line between a remembered realism, naturalistic visual truth, and unbridled expression. The work is sometimes a bit quirky with its sunny disposition and also sensual with juicy brushstrokes. But Schaefer goes deeper by creating a visual tension reminiscent of the once scandalous Luncheon in the Grass and Olympia by Edouard Manet. The delicate balance of literalism juxtaposed with mythical embellishments are ironically a way of getting closer to the artist’s truth.


2 thoughts on “Spotlight on Painter, Alex Schaefer: “Terrorist or Accidental Hero?”

    March O'Grady said:
    03/13/2012 at 15:59

    Pretty Pornographic art, is what I’d call his work – looks like something you’d find in Online Porn instead of in a fine art gallery! Is that what they teach in Pasadena? Whoa!

      Charity responded:
      03/13/2012 at 22:06

      I’m not sure, but porn doesn’t make it hard to find the private parts. Besides color is the focal point.

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