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Sangria Launch Party and Solo Show “Wild Speculation” by Plein Air Painter Alex Schaefer

Friday | October 21, 8-11 pm

THE INVITE: Come for “Sangria’s Launch Party” and first “Solo Micro-Exhibition,” Friday, October 21, 8-11 in the evening. Moon 41% visible. Must RSVP to get on the A-list. Limited number of revelers. For admittance bring a bottle or two of your favorite “vino or non-alcoholic beverages!”

THE ARTIST: Sangria is thrilled to announce that painter Alex Schaefer is having solo show in October! This week, Alex’s protest paintings about the sick state of the economy and banking corruption have people cheering in the street and on the internet…. Yet others are calling him a terrorist! Between visits from the police, Alex has gotten press from ArtInfo Magazine, LA Times, Death & Taxes, Art Center’s Blog, HuffPo, and elsewhere – sending his prices to record highs at Ebay! News is happening fast! Want to hear Alex talk painting? Follow on “CoaguLA Internet Radio” where weekly podcasts are live and archived for your enjoyment.

THE ENTERTAINER: Guest musician D. Henry Fenton is an Australian singer/songwriter. Fenton is currently producing new CD with music engineer Steve Holroyd who has worked with Phil Spector, Elton John, Barbara Streisand, Elvis Costello, ACDC, and all the major record labels. Their CD is due to be out in late October – early November.

9:30-11 pm | Attend Special Live Broadcast of The Alex Schaefer Hour and Genre Bender with Leah Dixon, CoaguLA Radio 



Winter Solstice Party and Group Micro-Exhibition

Friday | December 9, 8-11 pm

THE INVITE: “Winter Solstice Party” and “Group Micro-Exhibition of Small Works” is Friday, December 9, 8-11 in the evening. Moon 97% visible. Enjoy Nordic glogg combined with spices and served warm with traditional edible delights such as raisins, ginger snaps, and blanched almonds. How about some savory Swedish meatballs? For admittance, bring a bottle of your favorite “vino or some glogg.” Must RSVP to get on the A-list! Limited number of revelers.

THE ARTISTS: Lillian Abel, Suzanne Adelman, Young An, Maria Bjorkdahl, Charity Burnett, Dan Callis, Lavialle Campbell, Leah Dixon, James Fish, Tim Ebner, Nancy Evans, Andrea Fellars, Julian Goldwhite, Phyllis Green, Summer Janelle, Catherine Kaleel, Virginia Katz, John Kilduff, Robert Kingston, Marika Krissman Tsircou, Jeff Levitz, Stevie Love, Heather Lowe, Sam McBride, Stephanie Mercado, Galidan Nauber, Joe O’Neill, Soojung Park, Leigh Salgado, Alex Schaefer, Julia Schwartz, Gina Stepaniuk, Mike Street, Sharon Suhovy, Chris Trueman, Sharon Weiner, Jane Park Wells, Melissa Wilson.

THE CURATORS: Guest Co-Curator for this fun group show is Maria Bjorkdahl, Co-curator of Tel-Art-Phone and Graphic Designer.

THE  ENTERTAINER: Guest musician is the “Swede,” Michael Martinsson. Songwriter, Guitarist who has played from the bands at the House of Blues to more recently up-and-coming Dilana.



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